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Online Pet Food

Online pet food shopping can be a total nightmare! As someone who enjoys variety and choice, I have to admit that makes the whole process easier.

I recently got in touch with the lovely people at and they kindly provided me with a selection of food and treats for my fifteen year old cat, Beatrice.

Now, for those of you who aren’t aware, Beatrice is quite a fussy broad. When we first adopted her back in March, my husband and I struggled to figure out which wet food she liked and why she wouldn’t eat her dry food. We tried a few different types of dry food, but overall she just wasn’t impressed! Over the last several months we have discovered that a steady diet of Felix gravy pouches was the only way to keep our Beatrice happy and well-fed. sent over a parcel containing the following:

I knew instantly Beatrice would have no problem with the Dreamies Cat Treats, but she liked them so much that I even had to hide the bag from her so she wouldn’t try to pry it open! I’m a huge sucker for giving my cat treats, and having these bad boys in my arsenal definitely don’t hurt.

The Felix Cat Food was a no-brainer, especially since Beatrice is such a huge fan of the Felix gravy pouches already. I can’t wait to see how she gets on with these jelly ones!

Some online pet food can be pretty hit or miss, and as I mentioned before, Beatrice has never shown much of an interest in eating dry cat food. I’ll be totally honest: I was super skeptical that Beatrice wouldn’t even taste the Hill’s Ideal Balance Cat Food, let alone finish a whole bowl of it! Beatrice likes this dry cat food so much that now she has to choose between wet food and dry food three times a day. It amazes me every time I see her eating the dry food, but I am just so chuffed that she’s eating it that I would definitely buy this brand in the future.

And the Winner for Online Pet Food is…

All in all, I would highly recommend visiting if you’re looking for online pet food options! They have such a wide variety of brands and formulas for just about any need you may have. In addition to the variety of online pet food, also has accessories like bowls, collars, beds, and more.

All right, enough of my yammering about cat food! Thanks again to the lovely folks at for sending Beatrice such yummy stuff!

As always, all views and opinions are completely my own (although I did have to speak on Beatrice’s behalf in this post).

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