Internet Advent Calendar, Day 1: Favorite Thing About Christmas

Internet Advent Calendar Day 1

My good friend Fiona has come up with a brilliant way to celebrate the holidays online: the Internet Advent Calendar. Since I don’t have an advent calendar this year and I’m probably not going to end up doing Vlogmas, I figured it might be nice to kick off #InternetAdvent with a blog post!

Internet Advent Calendar Day No. 1: My Favorite Thing About Christmas

Aside from all of the fabulously fattening food this time of year, I have to admit that one of my all-time favorite things has got to be the weather. I was born in Louisiana and grew up in Southwest Florida, so the majority of my Christmas holidays have been spent largely in shorts, tank tops, and with the AC on full blast. Back in 2012, I spent my first Christmas with my fiancé’s family in England and, needless to say, the cold weather BLEW MY MIND! There wasn’t actually any snow (and I still haven’t seen snow, mind you!), but I really enjoyed getting toasty indoors during the blustery cold weather.

Along with cold weather, I have to admit that I also really enjoy the atmosphere surrounding Christmas. I haven’t been too fond of Christmas itself, but I do really look forward to listening to holiday tunes and baking lots of yummy treats in the kitchen. Another thing I love to get up to around the holidays has got to be ice skating. When I was younger I spent a lot of time going to the ice skating rink and I seriously can’t wait to get on the ice later this month!

Geez, who knew I could ramble about Christmas so much? I think I’ll stop here. What are some of your favorite things about Christmas/the holiday season? Let me know in the comments and I will be back tomorrow for Day 2!

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